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Co-Authored by

Mr. Kozaburo Takenaka

      Mr. Kozaburo Takenaka is founder of Takenaka Garden Afforestation, the largest interior plantscape company in Tokyo.  He has created many styles of green environments in all manner of indoor and outdoor spaces.  He has conducted research with leading universities into green plant related technologies, with experiments in natural and artificial environments, soil development and water resources.   Mr. Takenaka is in the forefront of the green industry by installing 'Ecology Gardens' in hospitals and other public buildings to improve indoor air quality and to bring the health benefits to the indoor environment that only nature can offer.


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Why You Can't Live Without Them

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(ISBN: 978-81-7436-751-8)

Lustre Press/Roli Books

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         Though essential to our existence, plants get sidelined in the hustle and bustle of city life.  The revolutionary concept of 'eco-landscaping' heralds the effort to bring greenery back into the concrete jungles we inhabit.  Plants: Why You Can't Live Without Them explores how our homes and offices can be made healthier and more cheerful with plants.

        Air-conditioned rooms, synthetic building materials and inadequate ventilation cause numerous respiratory and nervous disorders.  The mere presence of plants has been proved to lessen environmental pollution, increase labor productivity and reduce the cost of health care.   Plants also provide medicinal herbs and nutritious food that go a long way in extending our lifespan.  From the freshening up of indoor space, to creating a variety of gardens, and to natural methods of waste recycling, Plants elaborates the diverse means by which to enhance our living.

        Produced after many years of scientific research and data collection, this book is a comprehensive study of the amazing benefits of plants, which are nature's gift to us and provide us sustenance.


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"Growing Clean Water"

Nature's Solution to Water Pollution


B. C. Wolverton, Ph.D.


John D. Wolverton

Dr. Wolverton and his son, John, chronicle the history of the development of phytoremediation techniques for the treatment of domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, stormwater and agricultural operation run-off. This book is written for the general audience in easy to understand language but is also useful to the engineering community. Its goal is to educate the reader so that they might approach their municipal officials about available natural technologies with facts and data in hand. Systems are detailed and data given from the first aquatic plant wastewater treatment system at NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center to Wolverton Environmental Services, Inc.'s latest system.

          Data is provided within the chapters in easy to understand bar charts.  The Appendix contains technical data for use by engineers, other professionals and students.  Also, included in the Appendix is a sample design sketch for a single home wastewater treatment system.

          This book is must read for those concerned about the environment, those charged with decision-making in small towns and communities and concerned citizens.


Table of Contents

Chapters Page
Introduction         3
1. Water -- Essential for Life         7
2. Environmental Pollution       16
3. History of Human Waste and Natural Treatment       33
4. Small On-Site Waste Disposal Systems       46
5. Domestic Wastewater Treatment - Municipal Systems       62
6. Industrial and Agrigultural Wastewater Treatment     103
7. Sustainable Technologies for the 21st Century     138
8. Wastewater Treatment Plants (As Nature Intended)     144
Glossary     155
Appendix     161
Index     174
About the Authors     177


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How to Grow Fresh Air

Dr. B.C.Wolverton's first book, "How to Grow Fresh Air", is available in book stores or directly from Penguin books, New York (1-800-526-0275).

The book thoroughly discusses the problems associated with poor indoor air quality and provides a natural solution through the use of houseplants.

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1999 Second Printing




This book was originally published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, Ltd. (London) as "Eco-Friendly Houseplants."

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It is also available in other languages as follows:

United Kingdom
New Zealand

ISBN: 0 297 83484 3
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Czech Republic



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                          Korea                             2005


Joongang Life Publishing Co.

Seoul Korea


                           China                             2008


China CITIC Press

Beijing, China


Dr. B.C.Wolverton's book, "How to Grow Fresh Air", is available in book stores, directly from Penguin books, New York (1-800-526-0275) or online at websites such as www.amazon.com and www.bn.com.

The book thoroughly discusses the problems associated with poor indoor air quality and provides a natural solution through the use of houseplants.



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