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        Mr. Takenaka is President of Takenaka Garden Afforestation, Inc. of Tokyo.  He is a graduate of Tennoji Business School.   For nearly thirty years, he worked for a plant lease company in Osaka, serving in all departments to gain knowledge and expertise in the field of interior plant leasing and maintenance. 

            In 1986 Mr. Takenaka established his own company in Tokyo.   Through his leadership and foresight, the company has grown to become the largest plant lease company in Japan.

            Mr. Takenaka is designing and creating many styles of green environments in offices, atriums, shopping malls, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, public facilities, art galleries and museums - both indoors and outdoors.  He actively participates in an overseas business alliance to provide feedback on environmentally friendly, green plant technologies. 

           The company is active in green plant related research development and technologies, with experiments in natural and artificial environments, soil development and water resources.  He has designed and installed 'Ecology Gardens' for use in hospitals for both patient and employee psychological and physiological well-being.

           Mr. Takenaka and Dr. Bill Wolverton have worked in close association for more than ten years to develop the 'Ecology Garden' concept.  Ecology Gardens can now be found in many leading hospitals and commercial buildings throughout Tokyo.

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