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nabull3.gif (131 bytes) NASA-John C. Stennis Space Center - Environmental Assurance Program website.

nabull3.gif (131 bytes) NASA Technical Report Server - Type " B. C. Wolverton" into the search window to obtain technical reports by Dr. Wolverton (PDF format).

nabull3.gif (131 bytes) Plant Air Purifier - A plant-based air filter that will remove approximately the same amount of VOCs as 100 regularly potted plants.  Made in the USA.

nabull3.gif (131 bytes) Takenaka Garden Afforestation, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) The leading interior plantscape company in Tokyo who works in association with Dr. Wolverton to continue research into the use of interior plants for improving indoor air quality.

nabull3.gif (131 bytes) Green Plants for Green Buildings - A non-profit organization whose primary mission is to inform decision makers of the significant environmental, health, business productivity and aesthetic benefits of including live plants in our indoor environments.

nabull3.gif (131 bytes) Healthy Plants in the Workplace - An organization based in Europe who have an informational campaign disseminating information about the benefits to health created by having plants in the workplace.

nabull3.gif (131 bytes) Plants for People - An international initiative whose aim is to spread knowledge of the benefits of plants in a working environment.

nabull3.gif (131 bytes) International Institute of Professional Mold Inspectors - A comprehensive website detailing problems associated with mold...conditions for growth; effects on human health; how to select a qualified inspector; remediation options and mold prevention.


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